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Project Management Services 


Bitterblue’s project management service is based on our experience as a land development company for retail, office space and multi-family properties in San Antonio. Our team can help you with everything from professional market analysis to setting up a property management association, negotiations and more. We can also help you create exclusive, master planned environments that are in harmony with surrounding businesses or residential areas. In addition, we can assist you with an analysis of competitors and provide guidance as to the optimum location for your business or investment. Services we provide for proposed and existing real estate projects include:

  • Market analysis for mixed use, commercial and residential tracts

  • Detailed Engineering and Construction Cost Pro Formas for Development.

  • Land Planning and Infrastructure Design and Concept

  • Interactions and negotiations with local and state governmental bodies, bureaucracies and regulatory agencies, i.e., City of San Antonio Planning Department, Zoning Department, City Council, Bexar County Government, San Antonio Water System (SAWS), City Public Service (CPS), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and the Texas House and Senate.

  • Writing and Supervision of Covenants and Architectural Design Guidelines

  • Supervision of Engineering, Construction and Leasing

  • Detailed Accounting and Monthly Reporting

  • Marketing and Sales for Mixed Use, Commercial and Residential Projects

  • Handle all Legal Procedures - Contracts/Deeds/Closing/Covenants

  • Architectural Control Committee Supervision

  • Property Association Management

  • Negotiations of “deal structure” for owners, i.e., joint ventures, partnerships, loans, etc.

  • Financial analysis and lending coordination and packaging services and responsibilities may be provided through a joint venture structure or a negotiated fee basis determined by the scope of services.


Apple Tract, Green Mountain Plant, Lincoln Heights, Longhorn Quarry, Southside Plant

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